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A Long Time Coming...

Updated: May 11, 2020

What a time we live in... Self-isolation, Self-quarantine, Social-distancing. It seems like the world just turned upside down, and we just went from one extreme to the other. I try to do what's right for the people around me (stay at home!), and maintain a positive mindset (although it's totally okay to feel down at times!).


"That Cello Piece" - Clayton Virtual Festival

Its been a busy few weeks preparing my first LIVE virtual lecture recital "That Cello Piece" held this past Sunday, May 3rd on Zoom as part of the Clayton Virtual Festival. The 30-min lecture recital featured J.S. Bach's Unaccompanied Cello Suite No.1 in G Major, BWV 1007, and included a brief introduction of the composer and work, a performance of selected movements, and a Q&A session.

Massive thanks to the hosts, We Are Together (, the Clayton Virtual Festival was quite the success! The small community organisation formed with the mission of reducing self-isolation, and providing a place for people to connect and network. The 3-day virtual festival managed to reach out to people in Clayton, Melbourne, other states in Australia, and people in the US, China, Hong Kong, and UK. I was so surprised to see there were over 40 people who joined the Zoom session, and for the many, it provided an opportunity for people to connect and be part of a community, especially during this period of self-isolation. I received lots of great feedback, so I am currently planning my next episode!

If you have any requests on pieces, please comment below!

Check out the recorded Zoom session on YouTube:

(I am trying to work on a better audio set up via Zoom when there's more people in the meeting room - any tips??)


Interview on "String Time" - United Conservatory of Music

This Saturday 8am AEST (Friday 3pm Pacific Time/Friday 6pm Eastern Time), I will be giving a live Q&A session on Zoom hosted by Leo Kim from United Conservatory of Music (UCM). Thanks to Leo (Founder) and Chris Scherer (Director), UCM is growing rapidly as the central hub of instrumental music in Fresno. I've been working with the school as a Guest Artist since 2016, and it has been remarkable to see how quickly they have grown, setting the foundations for generations to come.

Check out their website below for more details on this Friday's session, and also their upcoming Summer Strings Festival Online that's happening in July - which I'll also be teaching 4th year in a row!


Last but not least...

During this time, it's important to stay at home and continue to practice social distancing. It's also important to be with family and your loved ones (virtually if in-person isn't possible!), and take some time to invest in self-care and self-reflection. Get your creative mind flowing with ideas...!

To end, watch this wonderful recording of Yo-Yo Ma sending you some love and comfort during this time of isolation. P.s I'm crying... are you?


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